Sep 20, 2008

Things to Do Before You Turn 40

Did you think about this questions before? Actually, this question can be asked like "things to do before 20, 30 or 100?" I believed a life planning is a important activity for anybody. You no need a offical planning document but you need a moment to think about it. Attached is some samples copied from website for your reference, I find some of them are so interesting.

1. don't die!
2. Write a book.
3. Learn a new language.
4. Visit a new country.
5. Pay off all your debts.
6. Sponsor a poor child.
7. Get back in shape.
8. Quit your dead-end job.
9. Stop smoking.
10. Go outside for your comfort zone.
11. Move into the house of your dreams.
12. Meet a new friend.
13. Call your father and mother.
14. Stop speeding.
15. kill your road rage.
16. Take a cruise.
17. Host a funny dinner party.
18. Setup a website or blog.
19. Live and live and live some more!
20. Live and let die.

At recent moment, I had a email from my friend Lily. From her words, I found she felt so upset for her life in lost of direction. For human being, we must have our goal for our life, without this, we will fall down somehow like a bird which was flying but it did not know where to go. Therefore, I recall my elder post in my blog and sent to her, and hope she can find out something want to do. At the same time, it was the time to review my targets as well but I found that the 3 things, which I wanted to do before 40, were just started. I am so sorry that I am already 37 right now and only 3 more years to complete them. I don't want to transfer the targets to 50 anyway.

Wow, keep working hard, Fat Man ... ... ... ... ...

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hemant said...

The tips given by you will be really fun to do and I will recognize it.


neha trehan